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My Cancer Story

About two weeks ago I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. Needless to say it was a blow that this should be happening to me. I have always considered myself a healthy individual, eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. I had gained some weight over the past five years but I was not overweight by any means; at 5’5″ and 130 pounds.  But here I am along with close to 200,000 other women and some men who will be diagnosed with this stealth disease every year. The ratio in the United States is now one in eight. One has to wonder why, in this country there is such a high incidence of this disease. In China for example, the ratio was one in 10,000, however that has gone up since the Chinese in urban areas are adopting Western eating habits and it is now 55 in 100,000. But still considerably less than in the US. This holds true for Japan as well. In Africa it is almost no-existent.

Even before hearing the results from my biopsy, I took action. I got on the Net and did research, especially into what foods and supplements I could be taking to slow or even stop the growth of the cancer. I found that refined sugar feeds cancer and that all dairy products can cause cancer to grow in your body. Other foods that I have decided to cut from my diet for now are, coffee, alcoholic beverages( I do sneak a beer on Saturday night), chocolate and red meat. In other words my diet is very close to a vegan diet although I will eat some wild salmon, white fish and organically grown chicken on occasion. I also read that juicing is very beneficial. Some even say that it can cure cancer. I don’t know if I would go that far. But I did purchase a juicer and once every day, mid morning I juice using recipes from the booklet that came with the machine. I love it. My favorite is beet, orange and carrot; it is delicious.

I then went to the health food store, Hi-Health. I purchased CoQ10 to boost my immune system, selenium, flax seed oil and upon recommendation of the store manager who seemed very knowledgeable, a herbal tea remedy to cleanse my system of toxins. In starting this regimen I am attacking the cancer on three fronts; removing toxins from my body,  bombarding the cancer with antioxidants  and building up my immune system to fight the cancer naturally. And I have to say, that in two days time I felt a distinct difference in the area under my arm and in my breast. Where there had been swelling and much pain, it was now more normal and the pain was gone.

This is not to say that I am rejecting traditional medicine. I have seen a breast surgeon and we are putting together a plan for my recovery which will no doubt include surgery, chemo therapy and radiation. But in the meantime I am on the case attempting to counteract the damage that has already been done.