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Since entering this netherworld, I am being coerced into a place I never thought I’d be. Of doctors offices, hospitals, treatments, supplements and meds. My days are now spent getting myself built up for the battle ahead which includes the heavy workout schedule, eating the correct cancer fighting foods, taking supplements three or more times a day and researching what other measures I can take to fight this disease. And when I am not involved in those activities, I am making doctor appointments, constantly on the phone often on hold for long periods of time. Visiting the doctors offices is a whole other subject. I love how they expect you to be on time and charge you when you aren’t, but when you get there it is okay in their world to keep you waiting an hour or more.  After all they are busy and you are not is the inference.

I spend an enormous amount of time planning, searching, gathering food from various sources. Organic is the key work here and the stores do not carry that much organic produce and very little if any organic meat. My next foray will be the farmer’s markets around town but they are far apart and require considerable drive time. And then when I get the food home, storing it is a problem because I have a small eighteen cubic foot refrigerator; I would like a new side by side, but can’t afford it at this point. So I have produce in various places in my kitchen. All of the foods need to be fresh. And then there is preparation. I am juicing once a day which requires getting the ingredients together, some prep time, then the actual juicing and of course cleaning the machine; every day. Shopping for food had always been an afterthought in my life, more like a drive by to the grocery store, load up and get on home as soon as possible after a busy day at the office.

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