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I am glad that I had, note the word HAD, a very healthy body when I started this treatment. I will come through it easier.

I am glad for the science and research that has gone into the treatment making it possible for me to beat this dread disease.  Many thousands of people before me have had to be the guinea pigs so that this treatment could be perfected. It isn’t perfect and I hope they do find a cure and a more natural way, but this is pretty much what we have at this point and we know for the most part it works.

I am glad for family, my son and his wife, who are being so supportive even at a distance. It is difficult for all of us.

I am glad for the many friends who are there for me on a daily basis, some calling me asking if they can take me to an appointment, staying the night with me when I don’t want to be alone.

I am glad for living in a warm and sunny climate while going through cancer treatment.

I am glad that I am a writer and can devote my full time to getting well again. It would be difficult to be working 9-5 job right now as I have done for many years.

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