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I had my first chemo treatment last week and my oncologist said that I will  be loosing my hair soon. So, since my hair was fairly long, I decided to get it cut, minimizing the amount of hair I’ll find on my pillow one of these days. I’ll have to say that it hurt. I am the kind of person that gets attached to things and I was attached to my long hair; I’ve had it a long time. But the hair was going to go anyway so along with some other things in my life right now, I had little choice. I decided to go to Super Cuts in a little plaza on Twentieth Street. When I told the stylist what we were doing, I thought she might be somewhat dismayed but as it turns out she had recently cut a relative’s (I think it was a relative)  for just the same reason.

So we cut away, saving my long tresses in a pony tail to match to the new wig I will be getting tomorrow. It’s called a hair prosthesis by the way, not a wig. I told her that I was sorry the hair style that she put a lot of time and effort into, wasn’t going to last too long. But she was okay with that.

So a bald person I’ll soon be. I haven’t been bald since I was a baby and then I wasn’t totally bald. There might be new possibilities here. Maybe I’ll like it that way. It is the style for some people. And I always have to remember that my hair will grow again and this will be but a memory.

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