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Monday is usually my day to climb Piestewa Peak, but I waited until today, Tuesday because it was a holiday yesterday and there would have been too many people. The mountain is not very big, about 1,500 feet in elevation and the trail a little over 3.5 miles, but it is a good workout. I get my heart rate up and I am taking in oxygen which is good for fighting the cancer cells. I also get a workout on my quads, in case I am able to go skiing again. And it is a nice hike with a lovely view of the valley. I hike up 6/10 of a mile and then stop and drink some water, stretch, and then I go on the rest of the way up. I have also met some interesting people and sometimes I sit and talk with whomever is on the trail that day. There is a group that hikes every day of the week. To me that would be repetitious and boring. But they are doing a good thing for their health.

I have ramped up my exercise program. Wednesday’s I go to the YMCA and do the elliptical, two miles in thirty minutes. Then I work out on the weight machines, the bi-ceps, tri-ceps, pectorals, and more. I always feel good and relaxed after a workout. Another benefit is that sweating gets some of those toxins out of your body. On Thursday I run, jog four miles, Friday is water aerobics, Saturday another run and then on Sunday I run with the dogs on the canal, about a mile.

I know that since I have started this routine I feel so much better and it is helping me to fight the cancer in my body.

I also practice the three L’s every day; Live, love and laugh. Each and every day is precious.

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