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The Race for the Cure was held in Phoenix this morning. I ran the 5K for survivors and, for me it was an uplifting experience. It brought back fond memories of the many foot races I have run in the past. And I talked with other women who have had cancer, have recovered and are living quite normal lives. Some asked how long I have been cured and I had to tell them that I am a cancer patient, soon to take this journey.

I talked with a young woman named Julia who told me that she had a double mastectomy five years ago and that she is doing well today. But then she told me that her husband had testicular cancer and they believe that their cancers were due to where they grew up, in a mining community. And even though Julia had a history of cancer in her family, she still thinks it was caused by environmental factors.

I did the race in about forty minutes; slow compared to what I used to do in my younger years. But I ran the whole way, never walked and I feel great for doing it. And I plan on being there next year with another story to tell, one of success in overcoming this new obstacle in my life. Cancer is my unwanted visitor and I want it gone.


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    Jane Mays 

    Good for you!!!!

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    Jon Midgley 

    I have run this Race for the Cure several times in past years – but always as just another 5K run to be enjoyed with running friends. I will run it next year for Elaine and the many women who have breast cancer or, happily, have been cured. My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer many years before treatments were available but it is Elaine’s cancer that has raised my awareness.

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    Elaine~~~when i heard the news i was devastated. but then i think of all
    the women i seeing going on with their lives and doing so well. i hope
    you’ll be joining that club. their treatment was successful and i just know you will be part of that group! xo

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    Janet Emal 

    Elaine I can not tell you how many of my friends have traveled this road to recovery. My younger sister is now going through treatment and it will be a year in November that she was diagnosed. She is doing well. Thank God for the treatments that are so successful. Modern medicine is truely great. See you when I return from Chicago. Hugs….


  5. Congratulations, Elaine. For the blog, for the race, and for the positive attitude. Healing vibes are coming your way.

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    Sheral James 

    Glad to see you running again! It is only up from here, and Cancer doesn’t have a chance with your attitude and determination!

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    Doris Nehrbass 

    Good for you, Elaine, for running the race and fighting this disease. I’ll be praying for you.

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