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You’ve heard the term it takes a village, regarding raising a child. To fight cancer, it takes a team. And putting together the right team can be a daunting task, but if it isn’t the right team, try again, go for a second and even third opinion if necessary. Most likely you will start with your PCP, when you notice something just isn’t right in your breast area and he or she will then send you for a mammogram and sonogram and then if there are abnormalities, will recommend a surgeon. This could be a breast surgeon or someone who does general surgery. I preferred a breast surgeon. And he or she is the pivotal person who should be the director in this show. The breast surgeon will then likely send you for more tests to determine what type of cancer you have and what stage it is in. After this is done he/she will talk to you about a plan for cure and recommend an oncologist for you to work with.  It is important that you have a good rapport with this doctor as you will be spending a lot of time with him or her. And it is also important that the oncologist works well with your breast surgeon. If at any time things don’t seem quite right, or they’re not moving fast enough or you are not getting the answers you need, see another doctor. It is important that you have complete confidence in your team

You might also add others to the team, a nutritionist, acupuncturist and anyone you think can help get you trough this and to recovery. I did check out an alternative medicine, homeopathic and was not impressed. Sometimes this is a gut level decision. But do get in put from as many sources as you can. I go on line and sometimes these doctors are rated. Also talk to people your friends. They may have had an experience that can help you.

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