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Being diagnosed with cancer must bring about a feeling of helplessness for many. The feeling that this scourge is growing in your body, can overtake your healthy cells and if not taken care of, can take you down and kill you. That indeed has to be a scary thing to imagine. And we all know that cancer has killed many people over the years. I have lost two dear friends to cancer in the last couple of years. You can’t dismiss it.

On the other hand you can have some measure of control and prevail. You have the power. Firstly in being ever vigilant, getting tested on an annual basis, especially if you are over a certain age. The mammogram every year, the colonoscopy every ten years starting at age fifty and for men testing for prostate cancer is essential. Being aware of changes to your body, any lumps or abnormal bleeding in any area are warninging signs that tell you to visit your doctor immediately.

And then with a healthy lifestyle you can prevent this disease from every happening. The cancer cells are ever present and ready for the opportunity to start growing and take over. If your immune system is weakened, due to the flue or you’ve had surgery, this is a time to be even more careful. With diet, eat more leafy greens and fresh fruits. Juicing is a fine way of introducing concentrated levels of antioxidants into your body. Also, keep your body as alkaline as possible. Cancer loves and acid environment. Cut back on sugar and alcohol. Stop smoking. I’ve read that eating dairy products in excess can exacerbate breast cancer. Cut down on dairy or take it out of your diet altogether. Get some kind of exercise every day. Free weights for building strong muscles and bones and aerobic exercise for the heart and lungs. Keeping these organs healthy and  strong will help to prevent the cancer from ever taking hold.

And then if by chance you get cancer, don’t panic, take control. You can overcome. When I was first diagnosed, the first thing that I did was go to the Internet and do my research on remedies and treatments. Although I really wanted to try the natural cures, I felt that they have not always been successful, whereas the traditional treatments with chemotherapy and surgery have had success over the years. And chemotherapy has become more effective and easier to tolerate. But then along with the chemotherapy, I have incorporated natural means of keeping my body healthy during the treatment. I take herbals and vitamins every day; vitamin C and E, a multivitamin, B-12, fish oil, magnesium, vitamin D for my bones and milk thistle for my liver. I also take flax oil. I hydrate, drinking eight glasses of water every day to keep my kidneys and bladder healthy and take acidophiles to keep my digestive track healthy. I exercise every day; walking two to four miles or climbing my little mountain near my home or working out at the YMCA. This keeps my heart and lungs healthy as well as my bones.

I have been in treatment for three months at this point and my doctors are just amazed at my progress and my blood levels are always good, my white cells and my iron, when I go for me weekly treatments of Taxol. I know that I will come through this and be healthier than I was before. And I am certainly wiser.

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