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I have come full circle. It has been a little over a year since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Of course it was a terrifying time for me and my family as well. I wasn’t sure whether I should get my affairs in order or plan for the long life I had expected to live. I decided to plan for the long life and throw everything I could at this cancer and come out the winner and that is what I did. But it wasn’t a given that I and my doctors would prevail. I had a particularly virulent type of cancer and it was stage three. With this type of cancer, it could have easily spread to my vital organs and then the battle would have been more difficult, if not impossible. And it had already spread to my lymph nodes in my right arm. But fortunately with a plan to shrink the tumors first, hit them with chemo therapy, which we did for five months, then surgery to remove the breast and lymph nodes and after that thirty five days of radiation, I was deemed to be cancer free for the moment.

When we started this process, of course I said to myself, I don’t have time for this. I could be at this for a year or more and this is not a pleasant way to spend ones time. But then as my doctors laid out the plan, I thought, no we can get this done in a year and then I can move on with my life. And we actually accomplished it in under a year. I completed my last radiation treatment on July 8th of 2011 and I had been diagnosed September 9, 2010.

I ran the Race last year not really knowing what the outcome of my cancer treatment would be, but I vowed that I would come back a year later as a true survivor. Today I waited at the start line talking with other women who belong to this special club, about our illness, our cures and our intrepid spirit to prevail against a disease that can kill.  My friend Sheryl came along to cheer me on and take photos. When the race started, I didn’t even know if I would be strong enough to run the distance. It has been a tough year with roller coaster ups and downs, visits to the emergency room a couple of times and many days of just wanting to sleep and tell the world that I needed to opt out for awhile. Last year when I ran I was pretty strong as I had not started chemo or any treatment yet. We were still in the testing phase. So as I started to jog, I said to myself that I would keep a slow pace and do what I could do and if I had to walk, that was okay.  And I prevailed again; I ran (jogged) the whole distance and felt pretty good afterwards. But then this is only a 5k, 3.1 miles. For some, however it is a marathon.

On the course

I finished

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