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Coming up on the third year anniversary of my diagnosis for breast cancer. It was September of 2010 that I discovered the lump in my breast and went to my doctor and the rest is history. I recently visited my oncologist and had a mammogram on my left breast and everything looks good. But what else would I expect. The days after the diagnosis are somewhat of a blur to me now. I certainly remember all that happened, but it seems so far away now. I do recall after I found out that I had cancer, I was fearful. Fearful of any thing that I put into my body and I restricted my diet and with the no sugar, no dairy. And when I started chemo I could not tolerate caffeine and so I cut that from my diet as well. But I don’t live like that today. I eat a moderate diet of fish, chicken and lots of veges, and I have found that I am a fruity; I love fresh fruit of all kinds. And I love my ice cream. So my life is back to normal and I am loving it.

I had said that I would have reconstruction as soon as I could which would have been last year. But you know, I haven’t had time to do that. I am doing all of the things that I put off for so many years and that includes traveling. I went to Italy last year. And this year I will be traveling in the fall to Africa. I have always wanted to see the beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

I told my son, Alan that I will be traveling until I can’t travel anymore.

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    Rita A. 

    You have been such an inspiration. Have fun in Africa!

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